Lip Care Set review by Sandra and Valpuri

HAVU’s Lip Care Set is a perfect set for everyday lip care and for pampering your dry lips. The three-step care routine is the key to keeping your lips moisturised all year round. The set includes a deep-caring lip mask, an exfoliating lib scrub made of birch bark, and a light lip balm for everyday use. The products are made of only natural ingredients and there are no additional preservatives. And the best thing is, they are vegan and the packaging is biodegradable.  

HAVU aims to create quality products with pure, simple ingredients. We take pride in our environmentally friendly products that are produced without harming nature. We believe in transparency in the production process: we want you to know what you’re putting on your lips and skin. 

We are pretty impressed by the products ourselves, but of course we always want to hear what our customers think about them! We asked our customers Valpuri and Sandra to give a little review on the lip care products. We hope this helps you to figure out if the Lip Care Set is something you need in your life. 


Suitable for sensitive skin as well

"I tried HAVU’s Lip Care set because my lips dry easily and I’m a heavy lip balm user. HAVU lip balm and lip mask are unscented, easy to spread and have a lovely consistency. ⁠⁠
The lip balm also provides the lips with a gorgeous gloss. It does, however, feel a tad too light for my taste, since it doesn’t seem to work on crevices and I usually use a thicker balm. When I apply it throughout the day, though, it keeps my lips well moisturised. ⁠⁠
The lip mask moisturises and softens the lips well when a thick layer of it is applied and left overnight. The scrub is very gentle and as such, it’s suitable for sensitive skin as well. It has a mildly fresh, foresty scent. I have also used the birch scrub to exfoliate my face! ⁠⁠
The best thing about HAVU is that the products have been manufactured in an eco-friendly manner and even the packaging is 100% biodegradable. I’ll also give a bonus point for only using natural ingredients in the products."


So nicely moisturised

"I use lip balm all the time! That’s why I was happy to test the HAVU lip set. I’ve used the mask in the evenings – I leave it on overnight and in the morning my lips are so nicely moisturised. I use the lip balm in the mornings under my lipstick and it seems like the lipstick stays on better because of it. 

During the spring, I’ve had some issues with my skin, but my lips have stayed in great condition thanks to the lip mask and balm. My skin is really sensitive and the lip scrub in the set caused a bit of an allergic reaction so I left it out after trying it for a few times."

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