The Story behind HAVU Cosmetics - Founder and CEO Lumi Maunuvaara

It all started when now 22-year-old Lumi Maunuvaara attended a summer course at Aalto University. Little did she know that there she would design a product that would later sell out within 24 hours.

Lumi has always been passionate about new materials and working towards eliminating the use of plastic along with raw ingredients. Being born and raised in the Finnish Lapland, she has always had a close connection to the nature, which is why creating something sustainable has been a goal for her.

As many young adults in the beginning of their studies have plans and thoughts about their career direction, Lumi had the same. During that summer course she experienced a revelation after creating HAVU Cosmetics. Soon after the course her long-time friend, Tatu Fontell, asked her if she was willing to take HAVU into the market. He thought it would be a “banger as a brand” and it didn’t take long before the two of them where planning the future for HAVU Cosmetics.

With a great interest from consumers, HAVU’s lipsticks sold out on the first day of the products' pilot launch in 2018. After this, the duo spent half a year fine-tuning the product to be completely biodegradable and working for the company, so that they could spread HAVU to all the consumers interested in eco-friendly, quality cosmetics.

Today, HAVU Cosmetics has eight shades of lipsticks and is planning to launch new color cosmetics in 2020. This growing brand has also reached a lot of interest in the Finnish media. “In September we hired our Marketing Manager, Betty Virkkunen, and now are a passionate team of three working at HAVU. We are grateful for being well-greeted in the Finnish cosmetic market and as we are expanding our sales to Europe, we are happy to know that many possible resellers have been interested in HAVU," says Lumi Maunuvaara.

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