THE STORY BEHIND HAVU COSMETICS - Marketing Manager Betty Virkkunen

THE STORY BEHIND HAVU COSMETICS - Marketing Manager Betty Virkkunen

HAVU Cosmetics came to my knowledge in 2018 on the day HAVU’s pilot launch came out. I was reading a Finnish newspaper when an article about HAVU Cosmetics caught my eye. My interest towards HAVU came from the fact that it was representing things I value; environmental-friendliness, plastic free, pure ingredients and an aesthetically beautiful packaging.

It did not take me long to look up for Lumi Maunuvaara, who was featured in the article, and send her an email. Soon after that we had decided to meet for lunch. Back in 2018, I was cheering for HAVU to make it on the market, because the world needs more companies like this and was hoping that perhaps, in the future, I would have an opportunity to work for them. 

We had an amazing lunch with a lot of brainstorming. As the future of HAVU was not stable and I was leaving for a longer travel, we decided to keep in contact. Little did I know that our paths would cross so soon. In September 2019, I was hired as Marketing Manager for HAVU Cosmetics and together with Lumi Maunuvaara and Tatu Fontell, we have been working relentlessly towards spreading information about HAVU Cosmetics on the market and growing internationally. 

/Betty Virkkunen, Marketing Manager of HAVU Cosmetics

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