Story of HAVU Cosmetics

HAVU is born from the idea of fresh and pure cosmetics. As an inspiration from the nature, the woods, the green fields, the blue sky and the country of the thousand lakes, Finland, the simplicity of the product was created. The brand got established, with a purpose of making quality cosmetics that would throughout the whole manufacturing process until the end of the consumption be one with the nature without harming it. 

We want to inspire cosmetic brands to invest in ingredients that are good for nature and the skin. At the same time, we hope to spark a discussion about the safety and production of cosmetics. We believe that natural cosmetics is the future. 


HAVU - where does our company name come from?

HAVU, means “coniferous tree” in Finnish: a tree with needles, such as pine. At HAVU, we take our inspiration from nature and forests, which originally gave us the idea of creating our design product. As a brand that values pure and nature-friendly products, we like to think of ourselves as being as honest as the forest. This is why we love the idea of presenting our pure, bio-based lipsticks in wooden shells where all components are biodegradable.


Our lipsticks are 100% biodegradable and contain only natural waxes and oils and no additional perfumes or preservatives. The coloring agents in our products are commonly used in natural cosmetics (iron oxides, titanium oxide and ultramarines). The oils are Cosmos Organic certified, and the shea butter is Soil Association certified.

The lipstick container is made from common alder and aspen and the lipstick mechanism is made from biodegradable PLA (polylactide). The lipstick container can be disposed of as bio-waste after use.

When using our products, we want you to feel connected to the earth, the nature and the forest. We like to think of our products being as honest as the forest with simple and pure ingredients, where transparency is the key to success. 

The team

HAVU was founded by Tatu Fontell & Lumi Maunuvaara in 2017. 

With a good drive, a huge amount of willpower, together with a team who stands with the same values, HAVU Cosmetics is dedicated in making the best cosmetics sustainably and reaching even bigger goals. We are all happy to be a part of this team and we look forward to everything that is coming.

Lumi Maunuvaara - CEO and Co-Founder

“I wanted to create something genuine of my own. To combine Finnish design and my personal interest in natural cosmetics in the same product. Havu is my first enterprise. It stems from my old idea and my discontent with the superficiality of the cosmetic industry. I hope you like your product!”

Tatu Fontell - Co-Founder

”My interest in chemistry and the business world began already in high school. Transforming HAVU from an idea into a company has been a lot of fun! The best thing about it is that we have been able to make the HAVU brand into something we identify with and work with some amazing people. I hope our passion is transmitted to you through our products.”